Fibromyalgia and My Sex Life

There are many aspects to an illness like Fibromyalgia.  There are the aches and pains, the exercise, medications or supplements you may take to help with symptoms, the depression, helping loved ones to understand and much more.  However, one area that may be overlooked is the affect it can have on someone’s sex life. 

As with many illnesses, a person’s libido can decrease because of the illness itself, or because of some of the symptoms one may have from the illness.  As with Fibromyalgia, if someone is particularly painful that day, they may not feel like having sex, but also if their libido is low then that can affect their desire as well.  It is important for someone in a relationship to think through these things and discuss them with their doctor, especially if it is causing a problem in their relationship with their spouse.

fibromyalgia sexHealthy sexual activity is important because it not only deepens a relationship, but also releases endorphins in the body.  These natural endorphins can help relieve pain and can increase overall well-being in an individual.  It is similar in a way to when someone takes a brisk walk or does some form of exercise.  It helps your body and your mind.

Since many sufferers are taking some form of medication, it is important to find out the side effects that those medications may have as well.  Some anti-depressants and other medications do have sexual side effects, like reduced sex drive.  There may be a different medication that could be prescribed with less noticeable side effect, or maybe a lower dose could be used if this is a problem for the patient.

One thing that may help before intercourse, or any form of exercise, is soaking in a warm bath or shower.  Even spending fifteen minutes soaking in a hot, but not scalding, bath may relax the muscles and joints and release some stress making the body less painful and stressed.

Also, talk with your spouse and work out the most comfortable positions that will not put pressure on the parts of the body that are most painful.

One of the things that makes us “feel” older is when our sex drive is almost non-existent.  We look back and wonder what ever happened to that young, hormonal person. I would highly encourage you to re-introduce sexual activity into your life… it releases those endorphins and makes us feel better, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This is not always a subject people want to discuss, but it is an issue that many Fibromyalgia sufferers and others have, and want to remedy.  So, keep communication open with your spouse, talk to your doctor if you need to make some changes to medications, and relax.

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